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The Essentials of – Revisited

Factors That Affect Drug Prices

When a patient goes to visit their doctor they are given prescription drugs that help in curing their illness. The drug prices are expensive in cases where they are provided to low income earners. Patients can be able to access affordable drugs in cases where they may not be able to purchase due to the high drug prices charged. It is important to note that a patient should always seek the guidance of the doctor who treats them to ensure that they do not take drugs that may negatively impact their health.

Firstly, the drug prices are affected by the availability and accessibility of drugs by the healthcare facilities and the targeted patients. Due to the latter the drugs become less such that they are not enough for the available population. Most needy and ill patients are left suffering as they cannot be able to afford the drug prices and hence in such cases there is a high number of dead patients in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

The government of any country has external connections that they are required to maintain at all times especially to ensure they manage to make the healthcare sector is successful. The government maintains such relationships by setting up policies that are favorable to the supplier. The unavailability of raw materials makes it possible for the people to have less drug available in the market which may cause the drug prices to rise. The government deals with both internal and external suppliers of drugs and hence it is important to ensure that they protect their interests.

Due to different factors patients visit the private hospitals to receive treatment which in most cases is high. The doctor of the private hospitals always advises the patients to purchase drugs from their stores which in some cases can be very expensive. Also, the patient can be able to receive the necessary advisory services concerning their health.

This is because if a doctor prescribes the same medicine to a group of patients even when they are suffering from different illnesses it causes congestion in pharmacies as the patients seek to buy the drugs. The drugs which are mostly used may become cheap or expensive depending on the nature of illnesses. Doctors should regularly attend training to ensure that they are able to renew their knowledge so that they can prescribe the right medicine to the patients that visit them.

All stakeholders involved in the healthcare undertakings should ensure that the drug prices are made available to patients and that they are made affordable to the people that require them.