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Things That You Must Know Before You Purchase a Koi Fish

Most of the aquariums, water gardens, and ponds are filled with koi fish. There are many colors of koi fish from black, grey, orange, yellow, to white ones hence they are very attractive to humans. People keep koi fish to decorate the interior of their homes and business buildings. Businesses that keep koi fish for commercial reasons have also been established. Thre are things you have to know about butterfly koi fish before you buy one.

The most expensive koi fish have unique patterns and bright colors. The platinum and lemon ogons are very beautiful when they grow old. The slow and graceful movements of the adult metallic yellow and platinum ogon butterfly koi fish make them so beautiful to watch. When moving under the water, you might think that fireballs are streaming behind them because of the long fins and their uniform neon-white or gold color.

There are famous butterfly koi fish among the many species of butterfly koi fish that exist. The bodies of the butterfly koi fish are bigger than the bright colored ones because of the genetic difference. Sorogoi are grey or black fish that have fish-net patterns. They grow into huge and long fish. Doitsu, karasu butterfly are black, their fins are long, and they have no scales.

Poorly patterned koi fish look great when they have beautiful fins. Koi fish need special handling because their long fins can break or split easily when mishandled. Adult koi fish take longer to heal when their fins break or split which endangers their lives because their movement is hindered.

You need the recommendation of your friends and family regarding the best koi fish to keep. If you do not have friends and family can refer you, check the online reviews of various koi fish dealers.

Inquire about the maintenance costs of every koi fish species for you to select the most suitable one that your budget can manage to maintain. The prices of the koi fish depends on the species because some koi fish species are more popular than others. Choose the koi fish that you will afford because all of them are uniquely attractive.

Find out the reputation of the koi fish dealers who are in your location. Buying a koi fish from the nearest dealer is better than the one who is miles away because the koi fish might not survive days on transit if it is not given extra special care. You will also cut down on the cost of transporting the koi fish over miles.

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