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Hedging for old age

At retirement, there are still some changes and updates to the law by our legislators, so that all that happened a year ago doesn't have to pay now, and you don't have to have any idea. You can easily rely on conditions that are no longer valid and you will be unpleasantly surprised when handling your collateral for old age. So don't get out of here and take a good time to get to what you're entitled to.
You can continue to work
If you are satisfied in your job, or the family situation forces you to need an ever higher earnings, even if you are entitled to receive an old-age pension, you do not have to leave it, and it is up to you whether you will use the option to retire or not. Basically, You can take it easy and continue earning with your employer, it will only be necessary to settle a few formality and therefore we recommend to familiarize yourself with what will need to be done in such a case.