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Former marriage

Vendula was shaking the rustic kitchen and thinking. Philip was always a gentle boy. He preferred art rather than mathematics, and he preferred to play with the ladies before chasing the ball and making the clubs with the same old neighbors as the children. She was glad it was, she didn't have to worry about Philip. The father, his biological father, wanted to put him in the high school, so that there was something from the boy, but Vendula knew he would suffer. She was not allowed to be dounced, and she calmly left her ex-husband called unflattering names, but she decided to send her son to an art school.
Art School
He was so teeny compared to the other guys. She hoped that the art would be safe and she was right. His biological father laughed at the fact that it would make him a buzz, but she replied to him that her son could bring anyone home. The only thing that cared for her was to make her Philip happy.