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Everything tailored just for your apartment

If you're looking for a reliable furniture retailer for your home, you don't have to investigate anymore. You have just discovered the company Kitchen Dušek, which will surely fulfill all your furniture dreams.
We are an established company with a good name and reputation of the company that does everything for the satisfaction of its customers. And so it is, too. Come and convince yourself.
What we offer
We can offer you a tailor made furniture production. We are able to create your new kitchen according to your wishes and your possible atypical dimensions of the room, there is no problem. We will make for you not only kitchen, but also furniture to other rooms of your house, for example, in living rooms, bedrooms, etc.
Ask for anything
We will be pleased to answer all your questions and uncertainties about our company and our production. We create a free design, assembly and transport will of course also free of charge.